Spinworkx is the specialist in Yo-Yos and Skill Toys from sunny Singapore.

Spinworkx originally started out as a group of local yo-yo players moving around Singapore, looking for the perfect location to throw our yo-yos without getting chased away. Moving from place to place with our trusty plastic storage box that our community looked forward to each weekend to get their supplies from, we have progressed from our very humble beginnings to having a physical store at Suntec City (2007-2012) and now at Orchard Central.

Spinworkx has always been a place to nurture and cultivate talent.

Our goals are to:
1) Showcase skill toys (yo-yo, kendama, etc) as a fixture rather than a fad.
2) Promote skill toys by making them readily available.
3) Provide a physical location to meet at, practice at and learn at.
4) Having resources to constantly keep players actively improving and bettering themselves.
5) Promote cohesion amongst the various Asia Pacific countries, allowing players to gather for friendly competition for the betterment of this sport.

So why did we choose to yo-yo?

The yo-yo is not just a toy. It is an instrument that:
(1) helps develop positive social interaction
(2) emphasises constant progression and development
(3) encourages self-directed learning
(4) enhances confidence and
(5) promotes creativity

Spinworkx does exciting performances for events ranging from birthday parties to corporate and community events, and provides training workshops and enrichment programs featuring yo-yos. We organise the annual Singapore Yo-Yo Championships, the prestigious Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships and the quarterly community event SHOWCASE.

Spinworkx strives to fulfill our goals by raising funds from both sponsors and our very own store, and this fuels the company to push on and look towards the future. All this could not be achieved either, without the help of our numerous dedicated volunteers from Singapore and the various places around the Asia Pacific.

We aim to challenge, empower and enrich all youths, and the young at heart, through throwing and playing with a yo-yo.


March - SHOWCASE Vol.18 (Turning Point X Throw Revolution)

December - SHOWCASE Vol.17
August - SHOWCASE Vol.16
July - Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2017
July - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2017
June - Relocating Spinworkx Store (Orchard Central)
May - SHOWCASE Vol.15
March - SHOWCASE Vol.14

December - SHOWCASE Vol.13
December - XPYY Camp 2016
August - SHOWCASE Vol.12
July - Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2016
July - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2016
May - SHOWCASE Vol.11
March - SHOWCASE Vol.10

December - SHOWCASE Vol.9
August - SHOWCASE Vol.8
June - Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2015
June - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2015
April - SHOWCASE Vol.7
February - SHOWCASE Vol.6

December - SHOWCASE Vol.5
August - SHOWCASE Vol.4
July - Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2014
July - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2014
May - SHOWCASE Vol.3
February - SHOWCASE Vol.2

December - SHOWCASE Vol.1
July - Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2013
July - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2013
March - West Coast Classic 2013
March - Relocating Spinworkx Store (Orchard Central)

September - Eastern State Throwdown 2012
July - Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2012
July - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2012
March - West Coast Classic 2012

September - Eastern State Throwdown 2011
July - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2011
April - West Coast Classic 2011
March - Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2011

November - Spinworkx Year-end BBQ
September - Eastern State Throwdown 2010
June - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2010
March - West Coast Classic 2010
March - Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2010

December - Relocating Spinworkx Store (Suntec City)
November - Eastern State Throwdown 2009
June - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2009
April - West Coast Classic 2009

November - Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2008
October - Eastern State Throwdown 2008
June - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2008
March - West Coast Classic 2008

December - Spinworkx Year-end BBQ
September - Eastern State Throwdown 2007
June - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2007
March - West Coast Classic 2007

December - Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2006
June - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2006

December - Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2005
June - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2005

December - Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2004
June - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2004

December - Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2003
June - Singapore Yo-Yo Championships 2003