6th July to 8th July 2018
10am – 8pm
The Pavilion @ Far East Square


This year is the 16th year that the Singapore Yo-Yo Championships (SYYC) will be held, and just like last year, SYYC will be held together with the Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships in a mega event from 6th July – 8th July.



This is the division each and every yo-yo player starts out on, whereby the player only plays with one yo-yo at a time. Single A is one of, if not, THE most competitive division around.


This is probably the hardest of all divisions to tackle for any yo-yo player. Wielding two yo-yos at any given point in time, 2A players twist and turn both yo-yos around in the air, around their body and around anything ‘plausible’.


For the Offstring division, the player plays with a yo-yo not tied on to the end of the string. This basically means that he or she is able to toss the yo-yo around, and high in the air, off the string.


For the Counterweight division, the player attaches a dice or ball at the other end of the yo-yo string, instead of tying it to a finger. This gives one the option of tossing the whole set-up into the air (Aerial) and other nifty tricks involving the movement of both the counterweight and the yo-yo.


1) SYYC participants and AP participants all take part in 1 minute qualifiers.
2) Top Singaporean 1 min freestyles qualify for SYYC finals. (Spinners can also qualify for 3 minute finals)
3) If these top Singaporean 1 min freestyles are also amongst the top AP 1min freestyles, they qualify for AP finals as well.
4) Players who qualify for both SYYC and AP will only need to do ONE freestyle per division that will be considered for both SYYC and AP.
5) Players can compete in SYYC and not AP if they wish.
6) Players that wish to compete in AP MUST compete for SYYC.

No. of Finalists

1A – 7 finalists + 1 seed
2A – 3 finalists + 1 seed
4A – 3 finalists + 1 seed
5A – 3 finalists + 1 seed

Seeded Players

1A Seed (SYYC 2017): Marcus Koh
2A Seed (SYYC 2017): Thawhir Iqbal
4A Seed (SYYC 2017): Wee Teng Ee
5A Seed (SYYC 2017): Ian Loh


The Pavilion @ Far East Square

28 China Street, Singapore 049570


**Please check out www.asiapacyoyo.com for the full schedule**


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