Spinworkx is a unique talent development company that specialises in yo-yos and skill toys. We provide training workshops, enrichment programmes using yo-yos, and showcase exciting performances for events ranging from private birthday parties to community and corporate events.

We also organise the annual Singapore Yo-yo Championships and even larger scale events such as the region-wide Asia Pacific Yo-yo Championships. Not only do we focus on promoting cohesion amongst various countries, our aim is to evoke healthy competition and active participation from each individual, drawing each and everyone together for a common purpose, a common goal; to push the boundaries of modern yo-yo and skill toy play to no end.

The simple childhood game of spinning a yo-yo on a string has evolved dramatically. Yo-Yo players now call themselves spinners, and have taken spinning to new and greater heights. Spinners now show off their talents to choreographed music and the entire spinning culture has assumed an edgy and hip status.

Spinworkx has established itself as Asia╩╝s specialist yo-yo retailer and is the exclusive local distributor for several leading yo-yo brands. Spinworkx also conducts spinning workshops at Orchard Central, at local schools as part of the schools╩╝ fitness curriculum, and at community centers island-wide. A spinning crew from Spinworkx performed at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore, and Spinworkx is featured annually at the Singapore Street Festival.

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Spinworkx Store, 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #05-24/25

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