Cascade (Spinworkx Edition)

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Weight: 66.7grams
Diameter: 52.9mm
Width: 45.2mm
Bearing size: Size C (Large)

Cascade (Spinworkx Edition)

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Onedrop is determined to make their mark in the yo-yoing world, if they have not already, and with the Cascade, they are yet another step closer to being one of the finest independent yo-yo companies around. The Cascade is a super wide, rounded butterfly shaped yo-yo that is not only good to play with, it fits comfortably in the hand and it is smooth on the string. The slight step at the inner section of the yo-yo provides the yo-yo with added stability.

The Cascade uses a large, clean 10-ball bearing and silicone response. Being a wide butterfly shape, it makes landing tricks like hops and lacerations easier to pull-off. Some wide yo-yos may take some getting used to when played with initially. However, your first throw on the Cascade will feel like you were throwing your favorite 1A yo-yo. The performance and comfort of the Cascade makes it a desirable yo-yo for players who like to have fun and enjoy playing yo-yo, yet still be able to handle any contest you choose to participate in. The Cascade is a delight to throw. This edition is the 'Spinworkx' edition in the Spinworkx colorway of Black, Orange and silver.

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