The Spinworkx Yo-Yo Academy is a programme specifically tailored for Schools and students interested in the world of Spinning.

  • Overview

    The Academy Programme is a yo-yo course specifically designed to allow anyone and everyone to learn at their own pace. Even if you are a complete beginner, we are confident that our professional trainers will be able to guide students through the various tricks and techniques, allowing any to successfully pass our grading tests.

  • Goals

    • To introduce yo-yos to students
    • Help students develop 21st century skills
    • Encourage students to build self confidence, creativity and concentration.
    • Teach modern yo-yo techniques


The Spinworkx Performance Team, comprising of some of the best Spinners in the world, will demonstrate tricks that will dazzle and impress.

  • Types

    • Community Events
    • Corporate Stage Events
    • Fund Raising Events
    • Road Shows
    • School Assembly Programmes

Personalised Events

The Spinworkx Crew turns any event into an exciting, dynamic and vibrant experience for your crowd.

  • Birthday Parties

    Celebrate your special day with our team. We provide a workshop and performance catered just for you.

  • Contests

    Want to do a contest for your community or in your area? We will brainstorm, arrange and execute a fun and exciting contest tailored to your needs.

  • Event Promotions

    Whether you are launching a new product, having a carnival or need to add some spice to your event, our team will showcase a entertaining and unique display in line with your promotion.

  • Have Other Ideas?

    Check in with us to make your event a special and memorable one.



Spinworkx Workshops are here to fuse both fun and learning together. Be it yo-yo, kendama, or just about any skill toy, we are here to guide you to be the best you can be.

  • 1-to-1 Lessons

    For a more personal experience, our 1-to-1 Lessons are tailored specifically to your exact skill level and learning capacity. We will teach you tips and tricks ranging from Beginner all the way up to Professional level. - **Each Lesson runs for an hour.**

  • Group Workshops

    Have plans for a party, a group activity or just an afternoon of team-building? Our Group Workshops will bring you an exciting time of learning and discovering the joys of playing with a traditional, tangible skill toy. - **Each Workshop runs for an hour to an hour-half.**

~ We aim to challenge, empower and enrich all youths and the young at heart through throwing and playing with a yo-yo. ~


Spinworkx has years of backing experience and is the premier agency in all things skill toys.

What We've Done

  • Background

    For companies coming to the Asia Pacific region to promote their product, look no further as we are able to do, and have done, a variety of skill toy (yo-yos, juggling, kendama, etc) campaigns and promotions.

  • Past Campaigns

    • Astrojax (2002)
    • Super Yo-Yo Anime (2003)
    • Duncan Toys 'R' Us (2006)
    • Yo-Stick (2006)
    • F.A.S.T. Challenge (2006)
    • Super Yo-Yo Anime (2009)
    • Blazing Teens (2010)

Talent Management

Spinworkx Talent Management is an agency that showcases various talented individuals, allowing us to push our sport to even greater heights.

  • Background

    Our vibrant team is made up of Spinners each with their own unique trait or style of play, and able to captivate audiences worldwide. They are top performers and demonstrators in their field, and this underlines the quality and standards we constantly maintain.

  • Featured On

    • Chingay 2004 & 2008
    • Kids at Work (Kids Central)
    • Alternative Sports Diary (Channel 5)
    • Different Strokes (Channel 8)
    • Good Morning Singapore (Channel 8)
    • Variety Shows (Channel 8 / Channel U)
    • News Reports (Channel News Asia, Channel 5)

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