Registration / Video Submission Period:
10 – 22 March (Ends at 2359Hrs)

Results Announcement:
28 March

Registration Fee:
$10 Per Division


SHOWCASE is an event for any Spinner looking to show off their tricks, practice their routine and get some performance experience, or perhaps even get some feedback from experienced judges and players about their freestyle.

Looking to compete at yo-yo events but don't know where to start?

SHOWCASE is the perfect arena.


SS Division

Spinners are throwing just one yo-yo on one hand throughout the entire Freestyle routine. Single String (Single A) is one of, if not, THE most competitive division around.

X Division (2A, 3A, 4A, 5A)

Spinners are able to choose whichever style amongst DL (Double-Hand Looping / 2A), DS (Double-Hand String / 3A), OS (Offstring) & CW (Counterweight) that they wish to perform, and are allowed to do more than one of the four styles during their Freestyle routine.

Rules for Vol.25

SHOWCASE Vol. 25 is an Online Freestyle Video contest

There are 2 Divisions - 1A and X

All other styles other than 1A (Single-Hand String) will be classified as X.

(1) Freestyles are all 2 minutes long.

(2) Freestyle Music used must be family friendly.
(No curse / swear / racist words)

(3) Competitor must be wearing dark colors so that the string is visible.
(Instances that the string is not visible, points for those tricks will not be scored)

(4) Background of video should be as flat as possible.
(Ideally a flat, dark coloured wall, without decorations / adornments)

(5) Player face must be recognisable / seen during the entire freestyle.

(6) Video should not have any watermarks before / during / after the freestyle.

(7) Videos must be in Landscape / Horizontal oriented.

(8) Video must be continuously filmed (one-take) and not edited / cut / spliced.

(9) Video links submitted at registration must be set as 'Unlisted' (Not made public), and submitted to us via:
- Unlisted YouTube Link
- Dropbox link
- Google Drive
- Any file sharing method

(10) All videos submitted to us will be uploaded to our page at the end of the contest.

(11) SHOWCASE Vol.25 is open to Singapore citizens / Singapore PRs / Players currently living in Singapore only.

60% - Clickers (+/-)
20% - Cleanliness (Eval)
10% - Choreography (Eval)
10% - Risk (Eval)
**No major deducts**

Cash Prizes

1A / X
1st - $60 / $40
2nd - $40 / $25
3rd - $20 / $15

Highest Placed Amateur (1A / X)
$20 each

**Amateurs are players who have never placed Top 3 at a previous SHOWCASE.
(List below)

Past Top 3 Players

Click Here


Until we receive your registration fee ($10 per division), we will not consider your freestyle even if you have registered and sent us a video link.

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Vol.25 Sequence