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Awr-inj (pronounced "Orange") is the quintessential starter yo-yo! Wide and round, the Awr-inj is able to handle all basic to advanced yo-yo tricks, without needing to worry about the yo-yo becoming too unresponsive as you progress. It features a slim / thin Size C bearing, and grippy response pads to get you through learning tricks. The Awr-inj weight is on the lighter side so your arms (and fingers) will not get tired so quickly, allowing you to focus on practicing tricks rather than starting and stopping to take a break.

Skill Level: Beginner (Responsive)

Company / Brand: Spinworkx
Diameter: 56.5mm
Width: 42.4mm
Weight: 54.0g
Bearing Size: Size C (Large Slim)
Response: Silicone Pads (Large Bearing)

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