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Cloud (H01)

Cloud (H01)

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Magicyoyo is furthering their fingerspin yo-yo line-up with the introduction of the H01 Cloud. This yo-yo is a chunky, rounded, H-shaped yo-yo that is not only incredibly stable in play, but retains the comfort in hand. 

The H01 Cloud is an excellent choice for players who are looking to get their first unresponsive yo-yo that can perform fingerspins and DNAs. Furthermore, this run of the H01 Cloud features an amazon marbled finish and is unique and extremely eye-catching. High performance, check. Visually outstanding, check. Budget friendly, check. This is one yo-yo that is an easy add to your yo-yo arsenal.

Skill Level: Advance (Unresponsive)

Company / Brand: Magicyoyo
Diameter: 57.0mm
Width: 46.0mm
Weight: 66.8grams
Bearing Size: Size C (Large)
Response: Silicone Pads (Large Bearing)

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