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Turning Point has always been very supportive of what we do here at Spinworkx, and Kentaro very kindly offered to make us a special yo-yo. That yo-yo has now arrived in the form of the Glyph.

The Glyph allows for plastic side-caps / lenses, to add weight to the yo-yo, and is reminiscent of the days in Singapore, where the Playmaxx Proyo was all over our sunny island.

The Glyph is a very comfortable yo-yo in hand, and it plays and moves through the air very quickly. Furthermore, without the side-caps installed, the Glyph is on the lighter side of yo-yos, taking away the stress on the finger and wrist when throwing heavier yo-yos. The Glyph is a limited-run model, and when it sells out, it will probably not be made again.

Skill Level: Advance (Unresponsive)

Company / Brand: Turning Point
Diameter: 56.0mm
Width: 43.5mm
Bearing Size: Size C (Large)
Response: Silicone Pads (Large Bearing)

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