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Wow, congratulations! You’ve found our secret hiding spot. The spot where deals are to be had. This page will be updated every now and then, so check back whenever you are looking for a good deal!

If you are a new player, just getting into yo-yos, unfortunately these aren’t for you. Go check out our ‘Beginner Yo-Yos’ section.

The yo-yos listed here have been used by us as testers. If you do purchase them, do note that they will not be perfect. They may have some dings, some scratches, some imperfections, but if you are really lucky, they may be as good as new. It is what it is.

However, what we WILL NOT list up here are yo-yos that are practically unplayable. Those that wobble and vibrate till you can’t even see the yo-yo spinning without questioning your eyesight will not be one of these. We check each of them to make sure they are playable, and if anything, make a good carry out, knock around, beater yo-yo. If you are looking for a perfect yo-yo, one that you need to hold up a light to check for blemishes or spots, then these are definitely not for you. Move on.

But if you are like us, and like to PLAY with your yo-yos without being too careful, you’ll find something you’d like here.

These yo-yos are all listed here, at attractive prices, for a reason. We will not be entertaining any emails / messages asking us for more photos of them. Again, it is what it is.

Some of them may have funky bearings, or pads that need changing, etc. The price will be reflective of these considerations.

For these, considering their really low prices, we will not be able to provide refunds / returns on any of them.

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