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Ti Confusion

Ti Confusion

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The Ti Confusion is the perfect EDC yo-yo for all slimline aficionados. With a tapered, butterfly profile, and built with solid titanium, the Ti Confusion is a great yo-yo to whip out while waiting for the bus, or waiting on your friends.

If you live on the edge, and love to PLAY with your yo-yos, walking the dog on the Ti Confusion is super fun, especially on those rough surfaces, inducing sparks. Add more thick / looping oil to your yo-yo to strengthen the tug responsiveness, and you've got yourself a yo-yo that will remind you of the good ol' days, with a modern twist.

Skill Level: Beginner (Responsive)

Company / Brand: YoYoFactory
Diameter: 56.0mm
Width: 30.0mm
Weight: 65.3g
Bearing Size: Size A (Small)
Response: Silicone Pads (Small Bearing)

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