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Magicyoyo V3 is a perfect starting point for beginners looking to get their very first metal yo-yo. Made out of 6061 aluminium, the V3 sports a blasted finish, making it smooth in the hand. As you start to perfect your responsive tricks, the V3 is able to be upgraded to an unresponsive yo-yo by swapping out the axle and bearing (sold separately).

Powerful, durable and stable, the V3 makes an excellent option whether you are picking it up for yourself as you journey along your yo-yoing life, or gifting to a friend who is looking for something substantial to begin with.

Skill Level: Beginner (Responsive)

Company / Brand: Magicyoyo
Diameter: 55.0mm
Width: 38.5mm
Weight: 64.9g
Bearing Size: Size C (Large Slim)
Response: Silicone Pads (Large Bearing)

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